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Issue 2

Playing Music - Video Games and Music

July 2011

ISSN 2191-253X

Editorial 2011/2: Playing Music - Video Games and Music

by Melanie Fritsch

November 2010. We are in a cinema. The lights have been turned off, and, as [...]

Playing the Tune: Video Game Music, Gamers, and Genre

by Tim Summers

In this article I propose an approach to video game music that prioritizes the player's interaction [...]

Thematic Unity Across a Video Game Series

by Jason Brame

Koji Kondo's music is among the most recognized video game music ever written. As the composer both for Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo, 1985) and The Legend of Zelda [...]

Chaos in the Cosmos: The Play of Contradictions in the Music of Katamari Damacy

by Steven B. Reale

At first glance, Katamari Damacy (Namco, 2004)  is a simple and cheerful video game. The player's task is to roll a sticky ball (katamari) around the game space [...]

Malte Friedrich, Urbane Klänge. Popmusik und Imagination der Stadt , Bielefeld: Transcript 2010

by Dominic Larue

Fragen der Urbanität rücken seit einigen Jahren vermehrt ins Zentrum des Interesses der Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften und so auch der [...]


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