Submission Guidelines

Articles should not exceed 45000 characters including spaces. Supported languages are German and English.

Review essays are considered to present and evaluate current,  relevant research literature. Unlike the usual short review, the review essay offers the chance to situate research problems in a wider context and to include several publications. Review essays should not exceed 15000 characters including spaces. Authors who wish to write a review essay are invited to submit their review proposal.



Please download the guidelines here.

For English articles we follow the Chicago Manual of Style. Normally we use American English in Typesetter's style.

Example: Philip Auslander, "AnimalCam: Ocularcentrism and Non-Human Performance," in: A Performance Cosmology, ed. by Judie Christie, Richard Gough, and Daniel Watt. London, New York 2006, p. 86-88.


Use of Illustrations

Authors are responsible for the rights of the illustrations in their texts. If possible the original source should be cited. Secondary sources resp. illustrations of reproductions must be cited seperatly in footnotes or in the main text.

Illustrations should be sent separatly from the text (jpg oder any other current format, at least 300dpi), and indicated in the text, where these have to be integrated.


Use of Video- and Audio-Material

Authors are responsible for the rights of the video- and audio-material. Even if performances are recorded by the authors themselves, the author must have the permission of the performing artist resp. company or owner of the rights.

The Fair Use Policy (as commonly applied in the US) is not effective in Europe. For most big companies in the media sector the place of jurisdiction is (also) in Germany. Please avoid links to video platforms like YouTube.